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Repose (8 Occurrences)

Luke 12:19 and I will say to my soul, Soul, thou hast much good things laid by for many years; repose thyself, eat, drink, be merry. (DBY)

John 11:13 but Jesus had spoken about his death, but they thought that about the repose of sleep he speaketh. (YLT)

Acts 7:49 'heaven is my throne, and the earth a footstool for my feet. What kind of house will you build me?' says the Lord;'or what is the place of my rest? (See NAS)

2 Corinthians 1:9 Nay, we had, as we still have, the sentence of death within our own selves, in order that our confidence may repose, not on ourselves, but on God who raised the dead to life. (WEY)

2 Thessalonians 1:7 and to you that are troubled repose with us, at the revelation of the Lord Jesus from heaven, with the angels of his power, (DBY)

Deuteronomy 28:65 And among these nations shalt thou find no ease, and there shall be no rest for the sole of thy foot: but Jehovah will give thee there a trembling heart, and failing of eyes, and pining of soul; (See JPS NIV)

Isaiah 28:12 To whom he said, This is the rest, give rest to him who is tired; and by this you may get new strength; but they would not give ear. (See NAS RSV NIV)

Isaiah 34:14 And the wild beasts of the desert shall meet with the wolves, and the wild goat shall cry to his fellow; yea, the night-monster shall settle there, and shall find her a place of rest. (See JPS NIV)

Repose (8 Occurrences)
... 2. (v.) To lay at rest; to cause to be calm or quiet; to compose; to rest, -- often
reflexive; as, to repose one's self on a couch. ...Repose (8 Occurrences). ...
/r/repose.htm - 9k

Couch (55 Occurrences)
... (Genesis 49:4; 1 Chronicles 5:1; Job 7:13; Psalm 6:6, etc.), a seat for repose or
rest. (see BED.). ... 13. (vt) Any place for repose, as the lair of a beast, etc. ...
/c/couch.htm - 25k

Rest (831 Occurrences)
... 1. (vt) To arrest. 2. (n.) A state of quiet or repose; a cessation from motion or
labor; tranquility; as, rest from mental exertion; rest of body or mind. ...
/r/rest.htm - 47k

Rouse (25 Occurrences)
... 5. (v.) To wake from sleep or repose; as, to rouse one early or suddenly. ... 9. (vi)
To get or start up; to rise. 10. (vi) To awake from sleep or repose. 11. ...
/r/rouse.htm - 14k

Reports (21 Occurrences)

/r/reports.htm - 12k

Epicureans (1 Occurrence)
... They are apotheoses of the Epicurean sage, entirely withdrawn from the world's turmoil,
enjoying a life of calm repose, and satisfied with the bounty that ...
/e/epicureans.htm - 20k

Quiet (167 Occurrences)
... a quiet movement. 6. (n.) The quality or state of being quiet, or in repose;
as an hour or a time of quiet. 7. (a.) Freedom from ...
/q/quiet.htm - 37k

Unrest (3 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (n.) Want of rest or repose; unquietness; sleeplessness;
uneasiness; disquietude. Multi-Version Concordance Unrest (3 Occurrences). ...
/u/unrest.htm - 7k

Images (158 Occurrences)
... Idolatrous cults repose largely on make-believe." Compare the similar statement
made from a very different standpoint by the author of Great Is Diana of the ...
/i/images.htm - 70k

Forum (1 Occurrence)
... of the trip, mentioning the importunate inn-keepers and intolerable drinking water
at Appii Forum, the gnats and frogs which were enemies to repose, and the ...
/f/forum.htm - 9k

2838. koimesis -- a resting
... a resting. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: koimesis Phonetic Spelling:
(koy'-may-sis) Short Definition: repose, taking rest Definition: repose ...
/greek/2838.htm - 6k

4520. sabbatismos -- a sabbath rest
... rest. From a derivative of sabbaton; a "sabbatism", ie (figuratively) the repose
of Christianity (as a type of heaven) -- rest. see GREEK sabbaton. ...
/greek/4520.htm - 6k

373. anapauo -- to give rest, give intermission from labor, by ...
... From ana and pauo; (reflexively) to repose (literally or figuratively (be exempt),
remain); by implication, to refresh -- take ease, refresh, (give, take) rest ...
/greek/373.htm - 8k

2663. katapausis -- rest
... Word Origin from katapauo Definition rest NASB Word Usage repose (1), rest (8).
rest. From katapauo; reposing down, ie (by Hebraism) abode -- rest. ...
/greek/2663.htm - 6k

4521. sabbaton -- the Sabbath, ie the seventh day (of the week)
... Of Hebrew origin (shabbath); the Sabbath (ie Shabbath), or day of weekly repose
from secular avocations (also the observance or institution itself); by ...
/greek/4521.htm - 7k

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) Rest after motion or work; relaxation; leisure.

2. (v.) To lay at rest; to cause to be calm or quiet; to compose; to rest, -- often reflexive; as, to repose one's self on a couch.

3. (v.) To place, have, or rest; to set; to entrust.

4. (v. i.) To lie at rest; to rest.

5. (v. i.) Figuratively, to remain or abide restfully without anxiety or alarms.

6. (v. i.) To lie; to be supported; as, trap reposing on sand.

7. (n.) A lying at rest; sleep; rest; quiet.

8. (v.) Rest of mind; tranquility; freedom from uneasiness; also, a composed manner or deportment.

9. (n.) A rest; a pause.

10. (v.) That harmony or moderation which affords rest for the eye; -- opposed to the scattering and division of a subject into too many unconnected parts, and also to anything which is overstrained; as, a painting may want repose.

Strong's Hebrew
4774. margeah -- a rest, repose
... << 4773, 4774. margeah. 4775 >>. a rest, repose. Transliteration: margeah
Phonetic Spelling: (mar-gay-aw') Short Definition: repose. ...
/hebrew/4774.htm - 6k

7280b. raga -- to be at rest, repose
... << 7280a, 7280b. raga. 7280c >>. to be at rest, repose. Transliteration: raga
Short Definition: rest. Word Origin a prim. root Definition ...
/hebrew/7280b.htm - 5k

1747. dumiyyah -- a silence, a quiet waiting, repose
... << 1746, 1747. dumiyyah. 1748 >>. a silence, a quiet waiting, repose. Transliteration:
dumiyyah Phonetic Spelling: (doo-me-yaw') Short Definition: silence. ...
/hebrew/1747.htm - 6k

7257. rabats -- stretch oneself out, lie down, lie stretched out
... A primitive root; to crouch (on all four legs folded, like a recumbent animal);
be implication, to recline, repose, brood, lurk, imbed -- crouch (down), fall ...
/hebrew/7257.htm - 6k

8252. shaqat -- to be quiet or undisturbed
... A primitive root; to repose (usually figurative) -- appease, idleness, (at, be at,
be in, give) quiet(-ness), (be at, be in, give, have, take) rest, settle, be ...
/hebrew/8252.htm - 6k

4496. menuchah -- resting place, rest
... Or mnuchah {men-oo-khaw'}; feminine of Manowach; repose or (adverbially) peacefully;
figuratively, consolation (specifically, matrimony); hence (concretely) an ...
/hebrew/4496.htm - 6k

7673. shabath -- to cease, desist, rest
... A primitive root; to repose, ie Desist from exertion; used in many implied relations
(causative, figurative or specific) -- (cause to, let, make to) cease ...
/hebrew/7673.htm - 5k

7258. rebets -- (place of) lying down, resting place, dwelling ...
... where each lay, lie down in, resting place. From rabats; a couch or place of repose --
where each lay, lie down in, resting place. see HEBREW rabats. ...
/hebrew/7258.htm - 6k

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