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Whenever (123 Occurrences)

Matthew 2:8 and having sent them to Beth-Lehem, he said, 'Having gone -- inquire ye exactly for the child, and whenever ye may have found, bring me back word, that I also having come may bow to him.' (YLT)

Matthew 5:11 Happy are ye whenever they may reproach you, and may persecute, and may say any evil thing against you falsely for my sake -- (YLT)

Matthew 6:2 whenever, therefore, thou mayest do kindness, thou mayest not sound a trumpet before thee as the hypocrites do, in the synagogues, and in the streets, that they may have glory from men; verily I say to you -- they have their reward! (YLT)

Matthew 6:6 But you, whenever you pray, go into your own room and shut the door: then pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father--He who sees in secret--will recompense you. (WEY)

Matthew 6:16 And when ye may fast, be ye not as the hypocrites, of sour countenances, for they disfigure their faces, that they may appear to men fasting; verily I say to you, that they have their reward. (See NAS)

Matthew 6:17 But, whenever you fast, pour perfume on your hair and wash your face, (WEY)

Matthew 10:19 And whenever they may deliver you up, be not anxious how or what ye may speak, for it shall be given you in that hour what ye shall speak; (YLT)

Matthew 10:23 Whenever they persecute you in one town, escape to the next; for I solemnly tell you that you will not have gone the round of all the towns of Israel before the Son of Man comes. (WEY YLT NAS)

Matthew 19:3 Then came some of the Pharisees to Him to put Him to the proof by the question, "Has a man a right to divorce his wife whenever he chooses?" (WEY)

Matthew 21:40 whenever therefore the lord of the vineyard may come, what will he do to these husbandmen?' (YLT)

Matthew 23:15 Wo to you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because ye go round the sea and the dry land to make one proselyte, and whenever it may happen -- ye make him a son of gehenna twofold more than yourselves. (YLT)

Matthew 24:15 Whenever, therefore, ye may see the abomination of the desolation, that was spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place (whoever is reading let him observe) (YLT)

Matthew 25:31 And whenever the Son of Man may come in his glory, and all the holy messengers with him, then he shall sit upon a throne of his glory; (YLT)

Mark 3:11 The unclean spirits, whenever they saw him, fell down before him, and cried, "You are the Son of God!" (WEB WEY BBE NAS RSV NIV)

Mark 4:15 and these are they by the way where the word is sown: and whenever they may hear, immediately cometh the Adversary, and he taketh away the word that hath been sown in their hearts. (YLT)

Mark 4:16 And these are they, in like manner, who on the rocky ground are sown: who, whenever they may hear the word, immediately with joy do receive it, (YLT)

Mark 4:29 and whenever the fruit may yield itself, immediately he doth send forth the sickle, because the harvest hath come.' (YLT)

Mark 4:31 As a grain of mustard, which, whenever it may be sown on the earth, is less than any of the seeds that are on the earth; (YLT)

Mark 4:32 and whenever it may be sown, it cometh up, and doth become greater than any of the herbs, and doth make great branches, so that under its shade the fowls of the heaven are able to rest.' (YLT)

Mark 6:10 And he said to them, 'Whenever ye may enter into a house, there remain till ye may depart thence, (YLT NIV)

Mark 11:25 Whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone; so that your Father, who is in heaven, may also forgive you your transgressions. (WEB WEY BBE YLT NAS RSV)

Mark 12:23 in the rising again, then, whenever they may rise, of which of them shall she be wife -- for the seven had her as wife?' (YLT)

Mark 14:7 For you always have the poor with you, and whenever you want to, you can do them good; but you will not always have me. (WEB WEY BBE DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV)

Luke 10:5 And whenever you go into a house, first say, Peace be to this house. (BBE)

Luke 10:8 Into whatever city you enter, and they receive you, eat the things that are set before you. (See RSV)

Luke 10:10 But if you go into a town where they will not have you, go out into the streets of it and say, (See RSV)

Luke 11:21 "Whenever a strong man, fully armed and equipped, is guarding his own castle, he enjoys peaceful possession of his property; (WEY)

Luke 12:36 and ye like men who wait their own lord whenever he may leave the wedding, that when he comes and knocks, they may open to him immediately. (DBY)

John 7:27 but this one -- we have known whence he is; and the Christ, when he doth come, no one doth know whence he is.' (See NAS)

John 8:44 The father whose sons you are is the Devil; and you desire to do what gives him pleasure. *He* was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand firm in the truth--for there is no truth in him. Whenever he utters his lie, he utters it out of his own store; for he is a liar, and the father of lies. (WEY NAS)

John 10:4 Whenever he brings out his own sheep, he goes before them, and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice. (WEB)

John 16:21 The woman, when she may bear, hath sorrow, because her hour did come, and when she may bear the child, no more doth she remember the anguish, because of the joy that a man was born to the world. (See NAS)

Acts 20:3 The Jews having planned to waylay him whenever he might be on the point of taking ship for Syria, he decided to travel back by way of Macedonia. (WEY)

Romans 15:24 whenever I journey to Spain, I will come to you. For I hope to see you on my journey, and to be helped on my way there by you, if first I may enjoy your company for a while. (WEB BBE DBY WBS NAS)

1 Corinthians 11:25 In the same way, with the cup, after the meal, he said, This cup is the new testament in my blood: do this, whenever you take it, in memory of me. (BBE NIV)

1 Corinthians 11:26 For whenever you take the bread and the cup you give witness to the Lord's death till he comes. (BBE NIV)

1 Corinthians 11:34 But if anyone is hungry, let him eat at home, lest your coming together be for judgment. The rest I will set in order whenever I come. (WEB WEY DBY YLT)

1 Corinthians 14:26 What then, brethren? Whenever you assemble, there is not one of you who is not ready either with a song of praise, a sermon, a revelation, a 'tongue,' or an interpretation. Let everything be done with a view to the building up of faith and character. (WEY DBY YLT)

1 Corinthians 16:2 On the first day of every week let each of you put on one side and store up at his home whatever gain has been granted to him; so that whenever I come, there may then be no collections going on. (WEY)

1 Corinthians 16:3 and whenever I may come, whomsoever ye may approve, through letters, these I will send to carry your favour to Jerusalem; (YLT)

2 Corinthians 3:15 Yes, to this day, whenever Moses is read, a veil lies upon their hearts. (WEY NAS RSV)

2 Corinthians 3:16 But whenever one turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away. (WEB WEY YLT NAS NIV)

2 Corinthians 10:6 and being in readiness to avenge every disobedience, whenever your obedience may be fulfilled. (YLT NAS)

2 Corinthians 12:10 wherefore I am well pleased in infirmities, in damages, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses -- for Christ; for whenever I am infirm, then I am powerful; (YLT)

2 Corinthians 13:9 for we rejoice when we may be infirm, and ye may be powerful; and this also we pray for -- your perfection! (See NIV)

Philippians 1:3 I thank my God whenever I remember you, (WEB)

James 1:2 Reckon it nothing but joy, my brethren, whenever you find yourselves hedged in by various trials. (WEY NIV)

1 John 3:20 When our heart says that we have done wrong; because God is greater than our heart, and has knowledge of all things. (See RSV NIV)

1 John 5:14 And we have an assured confidence that whenever we ask anything in accordance with His will, He listens to us. (WEY)

Revelation 4:9 And whenever the living creatures give glory and honor and thanks to Him who is seated on the throne, and lives until the Ages of the Ages, (WEY RSV NIV)

Genesis 9:14 And whenever I make a cloud come over the earth, the bow will be seen in the cloud, (BBE NIV)

Genesis 30:33 So shall my righteousness witness against me hereafter, when thou shalt come to look over my hire that is before thee: every one that is not speckled and spotted among the goats, and dark among the sheep, that if found with me shall be counted stolen.' (See NIV)

Genesis 30:41 It happened, whenever the stronger of the flock conceived, that Jacob laid the rods before the eyes of the flock in the gutters, that they might conceive among the rods; (WEB BBE WBS YLT NAS RSV NIV)

Genesis 38:9 And Onan knew that the seed would not be his; and it came to pass when he went in unto his brother's wife, that he spilled it on the ground, lest he should give seed to his brother. (See NIV)

Exodus 17:11 And it came to pass, when Moses held up his hand, that Israel prevailed; and when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed. (See RSV NIV)

Exodus 28:29 And so Aaron will have the names of the children of Israel on the priest's bag over his heart whenever he goes into the holy place, to keep the memory of them before the Lord. (BBE NIV)

Exodus 28:30 And in the bag you are to put the Urim and Thummim, so that they may be on Aaron's heart whenever he goes in before the Lord; and Aaron may have the power of making decisions for the children of Israel before the Lord at all times. (BBE NIV)

Exodus 28:43 Aaron and his sons are to put these on whenever they go into the Tent of meeting or come near the altar, when they are doing the work of the holy place, so that they may be free from any sin causing death: this is to be an order for him and his seed after him for ever. (BBE NIV)

Exodus 30:20 Whenever they go into the Tent of meeting they are to be washed with water, to keep them from death; and whenever they come near to do the work of the altar, or to make an offering by fire to the Lord, (BBE NIV)

Exodus 33:8 And whenever Moses went out to the Tent of meeting, all the people got up and everyone went to the door of his tent, looking after Moses till he went inside the Tent. (BBE NAS RSV NIV)

Exodus 33:9 And whenever Moses went into the Tent, the pillar of cloud came down, and took its place by the door of the Tent, as long as the Lord was talking with Moses. (BBE NAS)

Exodus 34:34 But whenever Moses went in before the Lord to have talk with him, he took off the veil till he came out. And whenever he came out he said to the children of Israel what he had been ordered to say; (BBE NAS RSV NIV)

Exodus 40:32 Whenever they went into the Tent of meeting, and when they came near the altar, as the Lord had given orders to Moses. (BBE NIV)

Exodus 40:36 And when the cloud was taken up from over the tabernacle, the children of Israel went onward, throughout all their journeys: (See JPS BBE NAS RSV NIV)

Leviticus 10:9 Drink no wine nor strong drink, thou, nor thy sons with thee, when ye go into the tent of meeting, that ye die not; it shall be a statute forever throughout your generations. (See NIV)

Leviticus 13:14 But whenever raw flesh appears in him, he shall be unclean. (WEB BBE NAS NIV)

Leviticus 16:2 and Yahweh said to Moses, "Tell Aaron your brother, not to come at all times into the Most Holy Place within the veil, before the mercy seat which is on the ark; lest he die: for I will appear in the cloud on the mercy seat. (See NIV)

Numbers 1:51 And when the tabernacle setteth forward, the Levites shall take it down; and when the tabernacle is to be pitched, the Levites shall set it up; and the common man that draweth nigh shall be put to death. (See NIV)

Numbers 9:17 Whenever the cloud was taken up from over the Tent, then after that the children of Israel traveled; and in the place where the cloud remained, there the children of Israel encamped. (WEB JPS ASV BBE NAS RSV NIV)

Numbers 9:21 And sometimes the cloud was there only from evening to morning; and when the cloud was taken up in the morning they went on their journey again: or if it was resting there by day and by night, whenever the cloud was taken up they went forward. (BBE NAS NIV)

Numbers 9:22 Or if the cloud came to rest on the House for two days or a month or a year without moving, the children of Israel went on waiting there and did not go on; but whenever it was taken up they went forward on their journey. (BBE)

Numbers 10:6 And when ye blow an alarm the second time, the camps that lie on the south side shall set forward; they shall blow an alarm for their journeys. (See RSV)

Numbers 10:34 And the cloud of the LORD was over them by day, when they set forward from the camp. (See RSV)

Numbers 10:35 And it came to pass, when the ark set forward, that Moses said: 'Rise up, O LORD, and let Thine enemies be scattered; and let them that hate Thee flee before Thee.' (See RSV NIV)

Numbers 15:14 and when a sojourner sojourneth with you, or whoso 'is' in your midst to your generations, and he hath made a fire-offering of sweet fragrance to Jehovah, as ye do so he doth. (See NIV)

Deuteronomy 4:7 For what great nation is there, that has a god so near to them, as Yahweh our God is whenever we call on him? (WEB BBE NAS RSV NIV)

Deuteronomy 18:6 And if a Levite come from any of thy gates out of all Israel, where he sojourneth, and come with all the desire of his soul unto the place which the LORD shall choose; (See NAS)

Judges 1:28 And whenever Israel became strong, they put the Canaanites to forced work, without driving them out completely. (BBE)

Judges 2:15 Whenever they marched out, the hand of the LORD was against them for evil, as the LORD had warned, and as the LORD had sworn to them; and they were in sore straits. (DBY RSV NIV)

Judges 2:18 And whenever the Lord gave them judges, then the Lord was with the judge, and was their saviour from the hands of their haters all the days of the judge; for the Lord was moved by their cries of grief because of those who were cruel to them. (BBE DBY RSV NIV)

Judges 2:19 But whenever the judge was dead, they went back and did more evil than their fathers, going after other gods, to be their servants and their worshippers; giving up nothing of their sins and their hard-hearted ways. (BBE DBY RSV)

Judges 6:3 And whenever Israel's grain was planted, the Midianites and the Amalekites and the people of the east came up against them; (BBE DBY RSV NIV)

Judges 12:5 And the Gileadites took the fords of the Jordan against the Ephraimites; and it was so, that when any of the fugitives of Ephraim said: 'Let me go over,' the men of Gilead said unto him: 'Art thou an Ephraimite?' If he said: 'Nay'; (See NIV)

Ruth 2:9 Let thine eyes be on the field that they do reap, and go thou after them; have I not charged the young men that they shall not touch thee? and when thou art athirst, go unto the vessels, and drink of that which the young men have drawn.' (See NIV)

1 Samuel 1:7 And year by year, whenever she went up to the house of the Lord, she kept on attacking her, so that Hannah gave herself up to weeping and would take no food. (BBE NIV)

1 Samuel 2:13 And the custom of the priests with the people was, that, when any man offered sacrifice, the priest's servant came, while the flesh was in seething, with a flesh-hook of three teeth in his band; (See NIV)

1 Samuel 14:52 All through the life of Saul there was bitter war against the Philistines; and whenever Saul saw any strong man or any good fighting man, he kept him near himself. (BBE NIV)

1 Samuel 16:23 And whenever the evil spirit from God came on Saul, David took his instrument and made music: so new life came to Saul, and he got well, and the evil spirit went away from him. (BBE NAS RSV NIV)

1 Samuel 18:30 Then the rulers of the Philistines went out to war: and whenever they went out, David did more wisely than all the other servants of Saul, so that his name became greatly honoured. (BBE DBY)

1 Samuel 21:5 And David answered the priest, and said unto him: 'Of a truth women have been kept from us about these three days; when I came out, the vessels of the young men were holy, though it was but a common journey; how much more then to-day, when there shall be holy bread in their vessels?' (See NIV)

1 Samuel 23:20 Now therefore, O king, come down, according to all the desire of your soul to come down; and our part shall be to deliver him up into the king's hand." (See NIV)

2 Samuel 15:2 And Absalom used to rise up early, and stand beside the way of the gate; and it was so, that when any man had a suit which should come to the king for judgment, then Absalom called unto him, and said: 'Of what city art thou?' And he said: 'Thy servant is of one of the tribes of Israel.' (See NIV)

2 Samuel 15:5 And it was so, that when any man came nigh to prostrate himself before him, he put forth his hand, and took hold of him, and kissed him. (See RSV NIV)

1 Kings 8:52 that your eyes may be open to the supplication of your servant, and to the supplication of your people Israel, to listen to them whenever they cry to you. (WEB NAS RSV NIV)

1 Kings 14:28 And whenever the king went into the house of the Lord, the armed men went with him taking the body-covers, and then took them back to their room. (BBE NIV)

1 Kings 18:10 As the LORD thy God liveth, there is no nation or kingdom, whither my lord hath not sent to seek thee; and when they said: He is not here, he took an oath of the kingdom and nation, that they found thee not. (See NIV)

2 Kings 4:8 And it fell on a day, that Elisha passed to Shunem, where was a great woman; and she constrained him to eat bread. And so it was, that as oft as he passed by, he turned in thither to eat bread. (See RSV NIV)

2 Kings 4:10 Let us make, I pray thee, a little chamber on the roof; and let us set for him there a bed, and a table, and a stool, and a candlestick; and it shall be, when he cometh to us, that he shall turn in thither.' (See RSV NIV)

2 Kings 12:10 And it was so, when they saw that there was much money in the chest, that the king's scribe and the high priest came up, and they put up in bags and counted the money that was found in the house of the LORD. (See RSV NIV)

1 Chronicles 23:31 and to offer all burnt offerings to Yahweh, on the Sabbaths, on the new moons, and on the set feasts, in number according to the ordinance concerning them, continually before Yahweh; (See RSV NIV)


Whenever (123 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (adv. & conj.) At whatever time. Multi-Version
Concordance Whenever (123 Occurrences). Matthew 2:8 and ...
/w/whenever.htm - 36k

Whensoever (13 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (adv. & conj.) At what time soever; at whatever time;
whenever. Multi-Version Concordance Whensoever (13 Occurrences). ...
/w/whensoever.htm - 10k

Lute (13 Occurrences)
... Daniel 3:5 that whenever you hear the sound of the horn, flute, zither, lyre, harp,
pipe, and all kinds of music, you fall down and worship the golden image ...
/l/lute.htm - 11k

Body-covers (25 Occurrences)
... 1 Kings 14:28 And whenever the king went into the house of the Lord, the armed men
went with him taking the body-covers, and then took them back to their room. ...
/b/body-covers.htm - 14k

Flute (16 Occurrences)
... Daniel 3:5 that whenever you hear the sound of the horn, flute, zither, lyre, harp,
pipe, and all kinds of music, you fall down and worship the golden image ...
/f/flute.htm - 13k

Pipe (13 Occurrences)
... Daniel 3:5 that whenever you hear the sound of the horn, flute, zither, lyre, harp,
pipe, and all kinds of music, you fall down and worship the golden image ...
/p/pipe.htm - 13k

Lyre (32 Occurrences)
... Daniel 3:5 that whenever you hear the sound of the horn, flute, zither, lyre, harp,
pipe, and all kinds of music, you fall down and worship the golden image ...
/l/lyre.htm - 15k

Washed (113 Occurrences)
... Exodus 30:20 Whenever they go into the Tent of meeting they are to be washed with
water, to keep them from death; and whenever they come near to do the work of ...
/w/washed.htm - 37k

Kindness (295 Occurrences)
... Matthew 6:2 whenever, therefore, thou mayest do kindness, thou mayest not sound
a trumpet before thee as the hypocrites do, in the synagogues, and in the ...
/k/kindness.htm - 45k

Bag (52 Occurrences)
... Exodus 28:29 And so Aaron will have the names of the children of Israel on the priest's
bag over his heart whenever he goes into the holy place, to keep the ...
/b/bag.htm - 29k

3752. hotan -- whenever
... whenever. Part of Speech: Conjunction Transliteration: hotan Phonetic Spelling:
(hot'-an) Short Definition: when, whensoever Definition: when, whenever. ...
/greek/3752.htm - 7k

2259. henika -- at which time
... at which time. Part of Speech: Adverb Transliteration: henika Phonetic Spelling:
(hay-nee'-kah) Short Definition: when, whenever Definition: when, whenever, at ...
/greek/2259.htm - 6k

1221. depote -- sometime
... Speech: Particle, Disjunctive Particle Transliteration: depote Phonetic Spelling:
(day'-pot-eh) Short Definition: even at that time, whenever Definition: even ...
/greek/1221.htm - 6k

1437. ean -- if
... NASB Word Usage case (1), everyone (1), except* (1), if (222), if* (2), or* (1),
though (2), unless* (34), whatever* (22), when (2), whenever* (2), wherever* (8 ...
/greek/1437.htm - 7k

1875. epan -- after, when
... when. From epi and an; a particle of indefinite contemporaneousness; whenever, as
soon as -- when. see GREEK epi. see GREEK an. (epan) -- 3 Occurrences. ...
/greek/1875.htm - 6k

302. an -- usually untranslatable, but generally denoting ...
... denoting supposition, wish, possibility or uncertainty NASB Word Usage however*
(1), if (4), unless* (1), what* (3), whatever* (9), whenever* (1), wherever* (1 ...
/greek/302.htm - 8k

1351. dilogos -- given to repetition, double-tongued
... describes someone leaving a deliberate -- acting like a spiritual "weathervane"
by reversing their position (taking different sides of an issue whenever it is ...
/greek/1351.htm - 7k

3699. hopou -- where
... Word Origin from hos, and pou Definition where NASB Word Usage above (1), place
(1), since (1), there (2), whenever (1), where (61), whereas (1), wherever (3 ...
/greek/3699.htm - 6k

5613. hos -- as, like as, even as, when, since, as long as
... 106), like* (1), namely (1), one (2), same way (1), seeing (1), since (2), size
(1), so (3), so* (1), though (15), way (1), when (53), whenever* (1), where (1 ...
/greek/5613.htm - 6k

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
(adv. & conj.) At whatever time.
Strong's Hebrew
6310. peh -- mouth
... spoke (1), spoken* (1), spokesman (1), talking* (1), taste (1), terms (2), told*
(1), two-edged (2), uniformly* (2), what they say (1), whenever (1), wishes (1 ...
/hebrew/6310.htm - 7k

834. asher -- who, which, that
... 1), these (2), this (1), though* (1), unless* (1), until* (35), what (166), what*
(8), whatever (16), whatever* (40), when (44), when* (1), whenever (1), where ...
/hebrew/834.htm - 7k

3605. kol -- the whole, all
... the whole (1), throughout all (1), throughout* (1), total (6), totally (2), utter
(1), variety (1), whatever (24), whatever* (40), whenever (4), wherever* (20 ...
/hebrew/3605.htm - 7k

3117. yom -- day
... time (1), survived* (2), time (45), time* (1), times* (2), today (172), today*
(1), usual (1), very old* (1), when (10), when the days (1), whenever (1), while ...
/hebrew/3117.htm - 7k

6256. eth -- time
... continually* (1), interval* (1), mealtime* (1), now (3), period (1), season (10),
some (1), time (226), timely (1), times (27), when (8), whenever (1), year (2 ...
/hebrew/6256.htm - 6k

3588. ki -- that, for, when
... than (1), than* (2), then (2), then* (1), though (37), though* (2), truly (5), unless*
(10), until* (5), what* (1), when (241), when* (1), whenever (1), while ...
/hebrew/3588.htm - 7k



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