4581. maoz or mauz or maoz or mauz
Lexical Summary
maoz or mauz or maoz or mauz: a place or means of safety, protection
Original Word: מָעוֹז
Transliteration: maoz or mauz or maoz or mauz
Phonetic Spelling: (maw-oze')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a place or means of safety, protection
Meaning: a place or means of safety, protection
Strong's Concordance
force, fortress, rock, strengthen, most strong hold

(also mauwz {maw-ooz'}); or mahoz {maw-oze'} (also ma,uz {maw-ooz'}; from azaz; a fortified place; figuratively, a defence -- force, fort(-ress), rock, strength(-en), (X most) strong (hold).

see HEBREW azaz


H4581. maoz

or mauz or maoz or mauz מָעוֺזnoun masculineJudges 6:26 place or means of safety, protection (ᵑ0‎ suffixes as if from עזז‎, but probably erroneous, compare BuhlLex 13 Ges§ 85k); — ׳מ‎ absolute 6:26 +, construct Isaiah 30:2 +; suffix מָעוּזִי2 Samuel 22:33 (but read הַמְּאַזְּרֵנִי‎ as "" Psalm 18:33), מָעוּזִּי31:3 +, מָעֻזִּיIsaiah 27:5 +, מָעוּזּוֺPsalm 52:9 +, מָעֻזֹּהDaniel 11:10, etc. (read probably מְעוֺזִּי‎, etc.); plural מָעֻזִּים11:38; 11:39, suffix מָעֻזְּנֶיהָIsaiah 23:11, read מָעֻזֶּיהָ‎ (Ges§ 20o CheHeb.Hpt. and others; strike out dagesh forte in all, see above); —

1 literally place of safety Judges 6:26, hence (c. collateral idea of strength, as if from עזז‎ = fastness Isaiah 23:11, 14 (in 23:14 CheHeb.Hpt. proposes מְחוֺזְכֶםyour city), Ezekiel 24:25; 30:15; Daniel 11:7, 10, 19, הַמּ ׳הַמִּקְדָּשׁ11:31, מָעֻזִּים מִבְצְרֵי11:39; ׳מ הַיָּם‎ i.e. harbour Isaiah 23:4, but strike out O1 Du CheHpt.; ׳מ מֵאוֺיֵבNahum 3:11; compare מ ׳עָרֵיIsaiah 17:9.

2. a. figurative, of God (׳י‎) as refuge Nahum 1:7; Psalm 27:1; 31:5; 37:39; 52:9; Isaiah 25:4 (twice in verse); Joel 4:16, ׳י וּמְנוּסִי וּמָעֻזִּי עֻזִּיJeremiah 16:19, ׳מ מְשִׁיחוֺ יְשׁוּעוֺתPsalm 28:8 ("" עָזֿ‎); so מ ׳צוּרIsaiah 17:10; Psalm 31:3, מ ׳אֱלֹהֵי43:2; also בְּמָעֻזִּי יַחֲזֵקIsaiah 27:5 let him lay hold of my refuge (me as refuge); cf . י ׳חֶדְוַת מָעֻזְּכֶם הִיאNehemiah 8:10, ׳מ י דֶּרֶךְ ׳לַתֹּםProverbs 10:29.

b. of a heathen god, מָעֻזִּים אֱלוֺהַּDaniel 11:38 (read מְחֹזִיםcities CheIsaiah 23:1,Heb.Hpt.).

3 figurative of human protection, ׳מ מַּרְעֹהIsaiah 30:2-3,(both "" מִצְרַיִם צֵּל‎); מ ׳אֶפְרַיִם ראֹשִׁיPsalm 60:9 = 108:9, i.e. my helmet; also (of angel) Daniel 11:1 ("" מַחֲזִיק‎).

עֲוִיל‎ see II. עול‎. below


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