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Signal (18 Occurrences)

Matthew 13:14 And in regard to them the prophecy of Isaiah is receiving signal fulfilment: "'You will hear and hear and by no means understand, and you will look and look and by no means see. (WEY)

Matthew 26:48 And he who did deliver him up did give them a sign, saying, 'Whomsoever I will kiss, it is he: lay hold on him;' (See NIV)

Mark 14:44 Now the betrayer had arranged a signal with them. "The one I kiss," he said, "is the man: lay hold of him, and take him safely away." (WEY NAS NIV)

Numbers 10:6 At the sound of a second loud note, the tents on the south side are to go forward: the loud note will be the sign to go forward. (See NIV)

Numbers 10:7 But when the assembly is to be gathered together, you shall blow, but you shall not sound an alarm. (See NIV)

Judges 20:38 Now the appointed signal between the men of Israel and the men in ambush was that when they made a great cloud of smoke rise up out of the city (DBY RSV)

Judges 20:40 But when the signal began to rise out of the city in a column of smoke, the Benjaminites looked behind them; and behold, the whole of the city went up in smoke to heaven. (DBY RSV)

2 Chronicles 13:12 Behold, God is with us at our head, and his priests with the trumpets of alarm to sound an alarm against you. Children of Israel, don't you fight against Yahweh, the God of your fathers; for you shall not prosper. (See NAS)

Isaiah 5:26 And He will lift up an ensign to the nations from far, and will hiss unto them from the end of the earth; and, behold, they shall come with speed swiftly; (See RSV)

Isaiah 11:10 And it shall come to pass in that day, that the root of Jesse, that standeth for an ensign of the peoples, unto him shall the nations seek; and his resting-place shall be glorious. (See NAS)

Isaiah 13:2 Set ye up an ensign upon the high mountain, lift up the voice unto them, wave the hand, that they may go into the gates of the nobles. (See RSV)

Isaiah 18:3 All ye inhabitants of the world, and ye dwellers on the earth, when an ensign is lifted up on the mountains, see ye; and when the horn is blown, hear ye. (See RSV)

Isaiah 30:17 One thousand shall flee at the rebuke of one, at the rebuke of five shall ye flee; till ye be left as a beacon upon the top of a mountain, and as an ensign on a hill. (See NAS RSV)

Jeremiah 4:6 Lift up an ensign Zionward, Strengthen yourselves, stand not still, For evil I am bringing in from the north, And a great destruction. (See NIV)

Jeremiah 6:1 Flee for safety, you children of Benjamin, out of the midst of Jerusalem, and blow the trumpet in Tekoa, and raise up a signal on Beth Haccherem; for evil looks forth from the north, and a great destruction. (WEB JPS ASV DBY NAS RSV NIV)

Jeremiah 51:12 Unto the walls of Babylon lift up an ensign, Strengthen the watch, Establish the watchers, prepare the ambush, For Jehovah hath both devised and done that which He spake, Concerning the inhabitants of Babylon. (See NAS)

Jeremiah 51:27 Lift ye up an ensign in the land, Blow a trumpet among nations, Sanctify against it nations, Summon against it the kingdoms of Ararat, Minni, and Ashkenaz, Appoint against it an infant head, Cause the horse to ascend as the rough cankerworm. (See NAS)

Zechariah 10:8 I will signal for them, and gather them; for I have redeemed them; and they will increase as they have increased. (WEB RSV NIV)

Signal (18 Occurrences)
... 3. (a.) Noticeable; distinguished from what is ordinary; eminent; remarkable; memorable;
as, a signal exploit; a signal service; a signal act of benevolence. ...
/s/signal.htm - 12k

Ensign (21 Occurrences)
... (2.) Hebrews nes, a lofty signal, as a ... 2. (n.) A signal displayed like a standard,
to give notice. 3. (n.) Sign; badge of office, rank, or power; symbol. ...
/e/ensign.htm - 15k

Wave (65 Occurrences)
... 3. (vi) To be moved to and fro as a signal. ... 13. (n.) A waving or undulating
motion; a signal made with the hand, a flag, etc. 14. ...
/w/wave.htm - 30k

Whistle (3 Occurrences)
... 4. (vt) To form, utter, or modulate by whistling; as, to whistle a tune
or an air. 5. (vt) To send, signal, or call by a whistle. ...
/w/whistle.htm - 9k

Beacon (3 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary. 1. (n.) A signal fire to notify of the approach
of an enemy, or to give any notice, commonly of warning. ...
/b/beacon.htm - 8k

Banner (20 Occurrences)
... (3.) A lofty signal-flag, not carried about, but stationary. ... 27:7). (4.) A
"sign of fire" (Jeremiah 6:1) was sometimes used as a signal. ...
/b/banner.htm - 18k

Barak (14 Occurrences)
... She accompanied him into the battle, and gave the signal for the little army to
make the attack; in which the host of Jabin was completely routed. ...
/b/barak.htm - 14k

Beth-haccherem (2 Occurrences)
... see DB), "place of the vineyard"): A district (in Nehemiah 3:14) ruled over by one,
Malchijah; mentioned in Jeremiah 6:1 as a suitable signal station. ...
/b/beth-haccherem.htm - 8k

Alarm (26 Occurrences)
... The Hebrew word so rendered is derived from a verb meaning "to shout" or "blow a
horn," as a signal for breaking up camp, starting on a journey or into battle ...
/a/alarm.htm - 16k

Tekoa (12 Occurrences)
... In Jeremiah 6:1, we read, "Blow the trumpet in Tekoa and raise a signal in
Beth-haccherim"-because of the enemy advancing from the North. ...
/t/tekoa.htm - 15k

4953. sussemon -- a fixed sign
... a fixed sign. Part of Speech: Noun, Neuter Transliteration: sussemon Phonetic Spelling:
(soos'-say-mon) Short Definition: a signal agreed upon Definition: a ...
/greek/4953.htm - 6k

2656. kataneuo -- to make a sign (by nodding the head)
... beckon, signal. From kata and neuo; to nod down (towards), ie (by analogy)
to make signs to -- beckon. see GREEK kata. see GREEK neuo. ...
/greek/2656.htm - 6k

2678. kataseio -- to shake
... beckon. From kata and seio; to sway downward, ie Make a signal -- beckon. see
GREEK kata. see GREEK seio. (kataseisas) -- 3 Occurrences. ...
/greek/2678.htm - 6k

3506. neuo -- to nod or beckon (as a sign)
... beckon. Apparently a primary verb; to "nod", ie (by analogy), signal -- beckon.
(neuei) -- 1 Occurrence. (neusantos) -- 1 Occurrence. << 3505, 3506. neuo. 3507 ...
/greek/3506.htm - 6k

4536. salpigx -- a trumpet
... people. ["The trumpet was the signal employed to call the hosts of Israel ,
and is common in prophetic imagery (Is 27:13). Cf. The ...
/greek/4536.htm - 7k

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) A sign made for the purpose of giving notice to a person of some occurrence, command, or danger; also, a sign, event, or watchword, which has been agreed upon as the occasion of concerted action.

2. (n.) A token; an indication; a foreshadowing; a sign.

3. (a.) Noticeable; distinguished from what is ordinary; eminent; remarkable; memorable; as, a signal exploit; a signal service; a signal act of benevolence.

4. (a.) of or pertaining to signals, or the use of signals in conveying information; as, a signal flag or officer.

5. (v. t.) To communicate by signals; as, to signal orders.

6. (v. t.) To notify by a signals; to make a signal or signals to; as, to signal a fleet to anchor.

Strong's Hebrew
5251. nes -- a standard, ensign, signal, sign
... << 5250, 5251. nes. 5252 >>. a standard, ensign, signal, sign. Transliteration:
nes Phonetic Spelling: (nace) Short Definition: standard. ...
/hebrew/5251.htm - 6k

3104. yobel -- a ram, ram's horn (a wind instrument)
... Or yobel {yob-ale'}; apparently from yabal; the blast of a horn (from its continuous
sound); specifically, the signal of the silver trumpets; hence, the ...
/hebrew/3104.htm - 6k

4864. maseth -- an uprising, utterance, burden, portion
... burden, portion NASB Word Usage burden (1), cloud (2), gift (1), gifts (2), levy
(2), lifting (1), portion (1), portions (1), present (1), signal (1), tribute ...
/hebrew/4864.htm - 6k

226. oth -- a sign
... Probably from 'uwth (in the sense of appearing); a signal (literally or figuratively),
as a flag, beacon, monument, omen, prodigy, evidence, etc. ...
/hebrew/226.htm - 6k

4150. moed -- appointed time, place, or meeting
... by implication, an assembly (as convened for a definite purpose); technically the
congregation; by extension, the place of meeting; also a signal (as appointed ...
/hebrew/4150.htm - 7k

8643. teruah -- a shout or blast of war, alarm, or joy
... joy (1), joyful sound (1), resounding (1), shout (10), shout of alarm (1), shout
of joy (1), shouted (1), shouting (4), shouts of joy (1), signal (1), trumpet ...
/hebrew/8643.htm - 6k

5264. nasas -- perhaps to be high or conspicuous
... A primitive root; to gleam from afar, ie To be conspicuous as a signal; or rather
perhaps a denominative from nec (and identical with nacac, through the idea ...
/hebrew/5264.htm - 6k



Signal used in War

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