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Speed (22 Occurrences)

Acts 17:15 And they that conducted Paul brought him unto Athens: and receiving a commandment unto Silas and Timotheus for to come to him with all speed, they departed. (KJV WEY ASV WBS YLT)

Acts 21:32 He instantly sent for a few soldiers and their officers, and came down among the people with all speed. At the sight of the Tribune and the troops they ceased beating Paul. (WEY)

Romans 9:28 for He will finish the work and cut it short in righteousness, because the LORD will make a short work upon the earth." (See NIV)

1 Corinthians 16:6 and I shall make some stay with you perhaps, or even spend the winter with you, in order that you may help me forward, whichever way I travel. (See RSV)

1 Corinthians 16:11 Therefore let no one despise him. But set him forward on his journey in peace, that he may come to me; for I expect him with the brothers. (See RSV)

2 Thessalonians 3:1 Finally, brothers, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may spread rapidly and be glorified, even as also with you; (See RSV)

Titus 3:13 Send Zenas, the lawyer, and Apollos on their journey speedily, that nothing may be lacking for them. (Root in WEB RSV)

2 Peter 3:12 looking for and earnestly desiring the coming of the day of God, which will cause the burning heavens to be dissolved, and the elements will melt with fervent heat? (See NIV)

2 John 1:10 If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: (KJV)

2 John 1:11 For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds. (KJV)

Genesis 24:12 And he said O LORD God of my master Abraham, I pray thee, send me good speed this day, and show kindness unto my master Abraham. (KJV JPS ASV)

Genesis 27:20 And Isaac said unto his son, How is it that thou hast found it so quickly, my son? And he said, Because Jehovah thy God sent me good speed. (See JPS ASV)

1 Samuel 20:38 And Jonathan cried after the lad, Make speed, haste, stay not. And Jonathan's lad gathered up the arrows, and came to his master. (KJV JPS ASV DBY WBS YLT)

2 Samuel 15:14 David said to all his servants who were with him at Jerusalem, "Arise, and let us flee; for else none of us shall escape from Absalom. Make speed to depart, lest he overtake us quickly, and bring down evil on us, and strike the city with the edge of the sword." (WEB KJV JPS ASV WBS)

1 Kings 12:18 Then king Rehoboam sent Adoram, who was over the men subject to forced labor; and all Israel stoned him to death with stones. King Rehoboam made speed to get him up to his chariot, to flee to Jerusalem. (WEB KJV JPS ASV WBS)

1 Chronicles 12:8 And of the Gadite there have been separated unto David, to the fortress, to the wilderness, mighty of valour, men of the host for battle, setting in array target and buckler, and their faces the face of the lion, and as roes on the mountains for speed: (YLT)

2 Chronicles 10:18 Then king Rehoboam sent Hadoram, who was over the men subject to forced labor; and the children of Israel stoned him to death with stones. King Rehoboam made speed to get him up to his chariot, to flee to Jerusalem. (WEB KJV JPS ASV WBS)

2 Chronicles 35:21 But he sent ambassadors to him, saying, What have I to do with thee, thou king of Judah? I come not against thee this day, but against the house wherewith I have war; and God hath commanded me to make haste: forbear thee from meddling with God, who is with me, that he destroy thee not. (See JPS)

Ezra 6:12 And the God that hath caused his name to dwell there destroy all kings and people, that shall put to their hand to alter and to destroy this house of God which is at Jerusalem. I Darius have made a decree; let it be done with speed. (KJV WBS YLT)

Isaiah 5:19 Who say, "Let him make speed, let him hasten his work, that we may see it; and let the counsel of the Holy One of Israel draw near and come, that we may know it!" (WEB KJV JPS ASV DBY WBS NAS RSV)

Isaiah 5:26 He will lift up a banner to the nations from far, and he will whistle for them from the end of the earth. Behold, they will come speedily and swiftly. (Root in WEB KJV JPS ASV WBS NAS RSV NIV)

Isaiah 30:16 Saying, No, for we will go in flight on horses; so you will certainly go in flight: and, We will go on the backs of quick-running beasts; so those who go after you will be quick-footed. (See RSV)

Speed (22 Occurrences)
... 2. (n.) The act or state of moving swiftly; swiftness; velocity; rapidly; rate of
motion; dispatch; as, the speed a horse or a vessel. ...Speed (22 Occurrences). ...
/s/speed.htm - 14k

Taskwork (14 Occurrences)
... to death with stones. And king Rehoboam made speed to get him up to his
chariot, to flee to Jerusalem. (ASV). 2 Chronicles 10:18 ...
/t/taskwork.htm - 10k

Taskmaster (3 Occurrences)
... King Rehoboam made speed to get him up to his chariot, to flee to Jerusalem. ... King
Rehoboam made speed to get him up to his chariot, to flee to Jerusalem. ...
/t/taskmaster.htm - 8k

Race (36 Occurrences)
... 9. (n.) Esp., swift progress; rapid course; a running. 10. (n.) Hence: The act or
process of running in competition; a contest of speed in any way, as in ...
/r/race.htm - 19k

Express (13 Occurrences)
... 3. (a.) Intended for a particular purpose; relating to an express; sent on a particular
errand; dispatched with special speed; as, an express messenger or train ...
/e/express.htm - 12k

Managed (3 Occurrences)
... King Rehoboam made speed to get him up to his chariot, to flee to Jerusalem. ... King
Rehoboam made speed to get him up to his chariot, to flee to Jerusalem. ...
/m/managed.htm - 7k

Slip (22 Occurrences)
... of resistance of the float of a paddle wheel, or the blade of an oar, through the
water horizontally, or the difference between a vessel's actual speed and the ...
/s/slip.htm - 16k

Rehobo'am (42 Occurrences)
... stones, so that he died. And king Rehoboam made speed to get him up to his
chariot, to flee to Jerusalem. (See RSV). 1 Kings 12:21 ...
/r/rehobo'am.htm - 18k

Noah (55 Occurrences)
... Raleigh, who notes it had "a flat bottom, and was not raised in form of a ship,
with a sharpness forward, to cut the waves for the better speed"-a construction ...
/n/noah.htm - 66k

Ostrich (9 Occurrences)
... They would not bear the weight of the bird, but the habit of lifting and beating
them proved that this assisted in attaining speed in running (compare Xen. ...
/o/ostrich.htm - 18k

5034. tachos -- speed
... speed. Part of Speech: Noun, Neuter Transliteration: tachos Phonetic Spelling:
(takh'-os) Short Definition: quickness, speed Definition: quickness, speed ...
/greek/5034.htm - 6k

4710. spoude -- haste, diligence
... Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: spoude Phonetic Spelling:
(spoo-day') Short Definition: haste, diligence Definition: (a) speed, haste, (b ...
/greek/4710.htm - 7k

5463. chairo -- to rejoice, be glad
... farewell, be glad, God speed, rejoice. A primary verb; to be "cheer"ful,
ie Calmly happy or well-off; impersonally, especially as ...
/greek/5463.htm - 10k

4517. rhonnumi -- to strengthen, be strong
... Word Origin probably from rhoomai (to move with speed) Definition to strengthen,
be strong NASB Word Usage farewell (1). farewell. ...
/greek/4517.htm - 6k

4704. spoudazo -- to make haste, hence to give diligence
... be eager, hasten. From spoude; to use speed, ie To make effort, be prompt or earnest --
do (give) diligence, be diligent (forward), endeavour, labour, study. ...
/greek/4704.htm - 7k

4692. speudo -- to hasten, urge on
... Probably strengthened from pous; to "speed" ("study"), ie Urge on (diligently or
earnestly); by implication, to await eagerly -- (make, with) haste unto. ...
/greek/4692.htm - 6k

5033. tachista -- quickly; quick
... quickly; quick Neuter plural of the superlative of tachus (as adverb); most quickly,
ie (with hos prefixed) as soon as possible -- + with all speed. ...
/greek/5033.htm - 6k

5613. hos -- as, like as, even as, when, since, as long as
... been, it were), as soon (as), even as (like), for, how (greatly), like (as, unto),
since, so (that), that, to wit, unto, when(-soever), while, X with all speed ...
/greek/5613.htm - 6k

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) Prosperity in an undertaking; favorable issue; success.

2. (n.) The act or state of moving swiftly; swiftness; velocity; rapidly; rate of motion; dispatch; as, the speed a horse or a vessel.

3. (n.) One who, or that which, causes or promotes speed or success.

4. (n.) To go; to fare.

5. (n.) To experience in going; to have any condition, good or ill; to fare.

6. (n.) To fare well; to have success; to prosper.

7. (n.) To make haste; to move with celerity.

8. (n.) To be expedient.

9. (v. t.) To cause to be successful, or to prosper; hence, to aid; to favor.

10. (v. t.) To cause to make haste; to dispatch with celerity; to drive at full speed; hence, to hasten; to hurry.

11. (v. t.) To hasten to a conclusion; to expedite.

12. (v. t.) To hurry to destruction; to put an end to; to ruin; to undo.

13. (v. t.) To wish success or god fortune to, in any undertaking, especially in setting out upon a journey.

Strong's Hebrew
4120. meherah -- haste, speed
... << 4119, 4120. meherah. 4121 >>. haste, speed. Transliteration: meherah Phonetic
Spelling: (meh-hay-raw') Short Definition: quickly. ...
/hebrew/4120.htm - 6k

4116. mahar -- to hasten
... 1), hasty (1), hurried (10), hurriedly (2), hurry (8), immediately (1), impetuous
(1), impulsive (1), made haste (1), make haste (1), make speed (1), prepare (1 ...
/hebrew/4116.htm - 6k

629. osparna -- thoroughly, with (all) diligence
... fast, forthwith, speedily. (Aramaic) of Persian derivation; diligently -- fast,
forthwith, speed(-ily). << 628, 629. osparna. 630 >>. Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/629.htm - 6k

4793. merots -- a running, a race
... Word Origin from ruts Definition a running, a race NASB Word Usage race (1). race.
From ruwts; a run (the trial of speed) -- race. see HEBREW ruwts. ...
/hebrew/4793.htm - 6k

553. amets -- to be stout, strong, bold, alert
... of good courage, stedfastly minded, strong, stronger), establish, fortify, harden,
increase, prevail, strengthen (self), make strong (obstinate, speed). ...
/hebrew/553.htm - 6k

5322. nets -- a blossom
... blossom, hawk From natsats; a flower (from its brilliancy); also a hawk (from it
flashing speed); --blossom, hawk. see HEBREW natsats. << 5321, 5322. ...
/hebrew/5322.htm - 5k

8443. toaphah -- eminence
... error, hinder. From ya'aph; (only in plural collective) weariness, ie (by implication)
toil (treasure so obtained) or speed -- plenty, strength. ...
/hebrew/8443.htm - 6k

4672. matsa -- to attain to, find
... occasion, out), get (hold upon), X have (here), be here, hit, be left, light
(up-)on, meet (with), X occasion serve, (be) present, ready, speed, suffice, take ...
/hebrew/4672.htm - 6k

7136. qarah -- to encounter, meet, befall
... to impose timbers (for roof or floor) -- appoint, lay (make) beams, befall, bring,
come (to pass unto), floor, (hap) was, happen (unto), meet, send good speed. ...
/hebrew/7136.htm - 5k



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