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Sort (143 Occurrences)

Matthew 8:27 And the men were full of wonder, saying, What sort of man is this, that even the winds and the sea do his orders? (BBE DBY RSV)

Matthew 13:47 "Again the Kingdom of the Heavens is like a draw-net let down into the sea, which encloses fish of all sorts. (Root in WEY BBE)

Mark 1:27 And all were amazed and awe-struck, so they began to ask one another, "What does this mean? Here is a new sort of teaching--and a tone of authority! And even to foul spirits he issues orders and they obey him!" (WEY)

Mark 9:29 And he said to them, Nothing will make this sort come out but prayer. (BBE)

Luke 1:29 But when she saw him, she was greatly troubled at the saying, and considered what kind of salutation this might be. (See RSV)

Luke 4:36 All were astonished and awe-struck; and they asked one another, "What sort of language is this? For with authority and real power He gives orders to the foul spirits and they come out." (WEY)

Luke 4:40 And at sundown all those who had anyone ill with any sort of disease, took them to him, and he put his hands on every one of them and made them well. (BBE)

Luke 7:39 Noticing this, the Pharisee, His host, said to himself, "This man, if he were really a Prophet, would know who and what sort of person this woman is who is touching him--and would know that she is an immoral woman." (WEY BBE NAS RSV)

Luke 11:42 But a curse is on you, Pharisees! for you make men give a tenth of every sort of plant, and give no thought to right and the love of God; but it is right for you to do these things, and not let the others be undone. (BBE)

Luke 19:3 He was anxious to see what sort of man Jesus was; but he could not because of the crowd, for he was short in stature. (WEY)

John 12:33 (This he said, pointing to the sort of death he would have.) (BBE)

John 18:32 (That the word of Jesus might come true, pointing to the sort of death he would have.) (BBE)

John 21:19 Now this he said, pointing out the sort of death by which he would give God glory. And after saying this, he said to him, Come after me. (BBE)

Acts 7:49 Heaven is the seat of my power, and earth is a resting-place for my feet: what sort of house will you make for me, says the Lord, or what is my place of rest? (BBE)

Acts 17:5 But the Jews which believed not, moved with envy, took unto them certain lewd fellows of the baser sort, and gathered a company, and set all the city on an uproar, and assaulted the house of Jason, and sought to bring them out to the people. (KJV WBS)

Acts 19:3 And he said, What sort of baptism did you have? And they said, The baptism of John. (BBE)

Romans 3:27 What reason, then, is there for pride? It is shut out. By what sort of law? of works? No, but by a law of faith. (BBE)

Romans 6:20 For when you were the bondservants of sin, you were under no sort of subjection to Righteousness. (WEY)

Romans 15:15 Nevertheless, brethren, I have written the more boldly unto you in some sort, as putting you in mind, because of the grace that is given to me of God, (KJV WBS)

1 Corinthians 1:5 So that in him you have wealth in all things, in word and in knowledge of every sort; (BBE)

1 Corinthians 3:13 each man's work will be revealed. For the Day will declare it, because it is revealed in fire; and the fire itself will test what sort of work each man's work is. (WEB KJV ASV WBS RSV)

1 Corinthians 8:2 If anyone seems to himself to have knowledge, so far he has not the right sort of knowledge about anything; (BBE)

1 Corinthians 15:35 But someone will say, How do the dead come back? and with what sort of body do they come? (BBE)

1 Corinthians 15:37 And when you put it into the earth, you do not put in the body which it will be, but only the seed, of grain or some other sort of plant; (BBE)

2 Corinthians 6:13 Now to give me back payment of the same sort (I am talking as to my children), let your hearts be wide open to me. (BBE)

2 Corinthians 7:9 I now rejoice, not that ye were made sorry, but that ye were made sorry unto repentance; for ye were made sorry after a godly sort, that ye might suffer loss by us in nothing. (ASV)

2 Corinthians 7:11 For behold this selfsame thing, that ye sorrowed after a godly sort, what carefulness it wrought in you, yea, what clearing of yourselves, yea, what indignation, yea, what fear, yea, what vehement desire, yea, what zeal, yea, what revenge! In all things ye have approved yourselves to be clear in this matter. (KJV ASV WBS)

2 Corinthians 8:2 How while they were undergoing every sort of trouble, and were in the greatest need, they took all the greater joy in being able to give freely to the needs of others. (BBE)

2 Corinthians 11:4 For if anyone comes preaching another Jesus from the one whose preachers we are, or if you have got a different spirit, or a different sort of good news from those which came to you, how well you put up with these things. (BBE)

Galatians 1:6 I am surprised that you are being so quickly turned away from him whose word came to you in the grace of Christ, to good news of a different sort; (BBE)

Galatians 1:7 Which is not another sort: only there are some who give you trouble, desiring to make changes in the good news of Christ. (BBE)

Colossians 1:10 so that your lives may be worthy of the Lord and perfectly pleasing to Him, while you exhibit the results of right action of every sort and grow into a fuller knowledge of God. (WEY)

Colossians 2:23 These things seem to have a sort of wisdom in self-ordered worship and making little of oneself, and being cruel to the body, not honouring it by giving it its natural use. (BBE)

1 Thessalonians 1:5 The Good News that we brought you did not come to you in words only, but also with power and with the Holy Spirit and with much certainty, for you know the sort of men we became among you, as examples for your sakes. (WEY YLT)

1 Thessalonians 4:1 And last of all, the prayer which we make to you from our heart and in the name of the Lord Jesus, is this: that as we made clear to you what sort of behaviour is pleasing to God, as in fact you are doing now, so you will go on in these ways, but more and more. (BBE)

2 Thessalonians 3:12 To persons of that sort our injunction--and our command by the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ--is that they are to work quietly and eat their own honestly-earned bread. (WEY)

2 Timothy 3:5 and will keep up a make-believe of piety and yet live in defiance of its power. Turn away from people of this sort. (WEY)

2 Timothy 3:6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, (KJV WBS)

Philemon 1:6 in such sort that thy participation in the faith should become operative in the acknowledgment of every good thing which is in us towards Christ Jesus. (DBY)

Hebrews 4:11 Let us therefore give diligence to enter into that rest, lest anyone fall after the same example of disobedience. (See RSV)

Hebrews 13:16 And do not forget to be kind and liberal; for with sacrifices of that sort God is greatly pleased. (WEY)

James 1:2 Let it be all joy to you, my brothers, when you undergo tests of every sort; (BBE)

James 1:7 A person of that sort must not expect to receive anything from the Lord-- (WEY)

James 1:24 Although he has looked carefully at himself, he goes away, and has immediately forgotten the sort of man he is. (WEY)

James 3:7 For every sort of beast and bird and every living thing on earth and in the sea has been controlled by man and is under his authority; (BBE)

James 3:16 For where envy is, and the desire to get the better of others, there is no order, but every sort of evil-doing. (BBE)

1 Peter 1:11 Attempting to see what sort of time the Spirit of Christ which was in them was pointing to, when it gave witness to the pains which Christ would undergo and the glories which would come after them. (BBE)

2 Peter 3:11 Since all these things are thus pre-destined to dissolution, what sort of men ought you to be found to be in all holy living and godly conduct, (WEY BBE NAS RSV)

1 John 5:17 All evil-doing is sin: but death is not the punishment for every sort of sin. (BBE)

3 John 1:6 Which have borne witness of thy charity before the church: whom if thou bring forward on their journey after a godly sort, thou shalt do well: (KJV WBS)

Revelation 18:12 merchandise of gold, silver, precious stones, pearls, fine linen, purple, silk, scarlet, all expensive wood, every vessel of ivory, every vessel made of most precious wood, and of brass, and iron, and marble; (See NIV)

Genesis 1:11 And God said, Let grass come up on the earth, and plants producing seed, and fruit-trees giving fruit, in which is their seed, after their sort: and it was so. (BBE)

Genesis 1:12 And grass came up on the earth, and every plant producing seed of its sort, and every tree producing fruit, in which is its seed, of its sort: and God saw that it was good. (BBE)

Genesis 1:21 And God made great sea-beasts, and every sort of living and moving thing with which the waters were full, and every sort of winged bird: and God saw that it was good. (BBE)

Genesis 1:24 And God said, Let the earth give birth to all sorts of living things, cattle and all things moving on the earth, and beasts of the earth after their sort: and it was so. (Root in BBE)

Genesis 1:25 And God made the beast of the earth after its sort, and the cattle after their sort, and everything moving on the face of the earth after its sort: and God saw that it was good. (BBE)

Genesis 6:19 Of every living thing of all flesh, you shall bring two of every sort into the ship, to keep them alive with you. They shall be male and female. (WEB KJV JPS ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT RSV)

Genesis 6:20 Of the birds after their kind, of the livestock after their kind, of every creeping thing of the ground after its kind, two of every sort shall come to you, to keep them alive. (WEB KJV JPS ASV BBE WBS YLT RSV)

Genesis 6:21 And make a store of every sort of food for yourself and them. (BBE RSV)

Genesis 7:14 they, and every animal after its kind, all the livestock after their kind, every creeping thing that creeps on the earth after its kind, and every bird after its kind, every bird of every sort. (WEB KJV JPS ASV BBE WBS NAS RSV)

Genesis 8:19 And every beast and bird and every living thing of every sort which goes on the earth, went out of the ark. (BBE)

Genesis 37:10 And he gave word of it to his father and his brothers; but his father protesting said, What sort of a dream is this? am I and your mother and your brothers to go down on our faces to the earth before you? (BBE)

Exodus 12:16 And on the first day there is to be a holy meeting and on the seventh day a holy meeting; no sort of work may be done on those days but only to make ready what is necessary for everyone's food. (BBE)

Exodus 31:3 And I have given him the spirit of God and made him wise and full of knowledge and expert in every sort of handwork, (BBE)

Exodus 35:31 And he has made him full of the spirit of God, in all wisdom and knowledge and art of every sort; (BBE)

Exodus 35:33 Trained in the cutting of stones and the ornamenting of wood and in every sort of handwork. (BBE)

Exodus 35:35 He has filled them with wisdom of heart, to work all manner of workmanship, of the engraver, of the skillful workman, and of the embroiderer, in blue, in purple, in scarlet, and in fine linen, and of the weaver, even of those who do any workmanship, and of those who make skillful works. (See RSV)

Exodus 36:4 All the wise men, who performed all the work of the sanctuary, each came from his work which they did. (See RSV)

Leviticus 5:3 "'Or if he touches the uncleanness of man, whatever his uncleanness is with which he is unclean, and it is hidden from him; when he knows of it, then he shall be guilty. (See NAS RSV)

Leviticus 5:4 "'Or if anyone swears rashly with his lips to do evil, or to do good, whatever it is that a man might utter rashly with an oath, and it is hidden from him; when he knows of it, then he shall be guilty of one of these. (See RSV)

Leviticus 11:14 And the kite and the falcon, and birds of that sort; (BBE)

Leviticus 11:15 Every raven, and birds of that sort; (BBE)

Leviticus 11:16 And the ostrich and the night-hawk and the sea-hawk, and birds of that sort; (BBE)

Leviticus 11:19 The stork and the heron, and birds of that sort, and the hoopoe and the bat. (BBE)

Leviticus 11:29 And these are unclean to you among things which go low down on the earth; the weasel and the mouse and the great lizard, and animals of that sort; (BBE)

Leviticus 11:44 For I am the Lord your God: for this reason, make and keep yourselves holy, for I am holy; you are not to make yourselves unclean with any sort of thing which goes about flat on the earth. (BBE)

Leviticus 14:35 then he who owns the house shall come and tell the priest, saying,'There seems to me to be some sort of plague in the house.' (WEB BBE RSV)

Leviticus 16:29 And let this be an order to you for ever: in the seventh month, on the tenth day, you are to keep yourselves from pleasure and do no sort of work, those who are Israelites by birth and those from other lands who are living among you: (BBE)

Leviticus 17:10 And if any man of Israel, or any other living among them, takes any sort of blood for food, my wrath will be turned against that man and he will be cut off from among his people. (BBE)

Leviticus 17:14 For the blood is the life of all flesh: and so I have said to the children of Israel, You may not take any sort of blood as food, and any man who does so will be cut of. (BBE)

Leviticus 23:3 On six days work may be done; but the seventh day is a special day of rest, a time for worship; you may do no sort of work: it is a Sabbath to the Lord wherever you may be living. (BBE)

Leviticus 23:7 On the first day you will have a holy meeting; you may do no sort of field-work. (BBE)

Leviticus 23:28 And on that day you may do no sort of work, for it is a day of taking away sin, to make you clean before the Lord your God. (BBE)

Leviticus 23:30 And if any person, whoever he may be, on that day does any sort of work, I will send destruction on him from among his people. (BBE)

Leviticus 23:31 You may not do any sort of work: this is an order for ever through all your generations wherever you may be living. (BBE)

Numbers 5:2 Give orders to the children of Israel to put outside the tent-circle every leper, and anyone who has any sort of flow from his body, and anyone who is unclean from the touch of the dead; (BBE)

Numbers 11:5 Sweet is the memory of the fish we had in Egypt for nothing, and the fruit and green plants of every sort, sharp and pleasing to the taste: (BBE)

Numbers 13:19 And what sort of land they are living in, if it is good or bad; and what their living-places are, tent-circles or walled towns; (BBE)

Numbers 28:18 On the first day there is to be a holy meeting: you may do no sort of field-work: (BBE)

Numbers 29:7 And on the tenth day of this seventh month there will be a holy meeting; keep yourselves from pleasure, and do no sort of work; (BBE)

Deuteronomy 4:15 So keep watch on yourselves with care; for you saw no form of any sort on the day when the voice of the Lord came to you in Horeb out of the heart of the fire: (BBE)

Deuteronomy 4:23 Take care that you do not let the agreement of the Lord your God, which he has made with you, go out of your mind, or make for yourselves images of any sort, against the orders which the Lord your God has given you. (BBE)

Deuteronomy 4:25 If, when you have had children and children's children, and have been living a long time in the land, you are turned to evil ways, and make an image of any sort, and do evil in the eyes of the Lord your God, moving him to wrath: (BBE)

Deuteronomy 8:13 And when your herds and your flocks are increased, and your stores of silver and gold, and you have wealth of every sort; (BBE)

Deuteronomy 14:13 The falcon and the kite, and birds of that sort; (BBE)

Deuteronomy 14:14 Every raven, and all birds of that sort; (BBE)

Deuteronomy 14:15 And the ostrich and the night-hawk and the sea-hawk and birds of that sort; (BBE)

Deuteronomy 14:18 The stork and the heron and birds of that sort, and the hoopoe and the bat. (BBE)

Deuteronomy 16:21 Let no holy tree of any sort be planted by the altar of the Lord your God which you will make. (BBE)

Deuteronomy 24:10 When you do lend your neighbor any manner of loan, you shall not go into his house to get his pledge. (See NAS RSV)


Sort (143 Occurrences)
... n.) A kind or species; any number or collection of individual persons or things
characterized by the same or like qualities; a class or order; as, a sort of men ...
/s/sort.htm - 36k

Manner (351 Occurrences)
... 7. (n.) Sort; kind; style; -- in this application sometimes having the sense of
a plural, sorts or kinds. Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. MANNER; MANNERS. ...
/m/manner.htm - 45k

Pointing (13 Occurrences)
... the Temple. (BBE). John 12:33 (This he said, pointing to the sort of death
he would have.) (BBE). John 18:32 (That the word of Jesus ...
/p/pointing.htm - 10k

Moving (117 Occurrences)
... Genesis 1:21 And God made great sea-beasts, and every sort of living and moving
thing with which the waters were full, and every sort of winged bird: and God ...
/m/moving.htm - 37k

Plants (70 Occurrences)
... 1:11 And God said, Let grass come up on the earth, and plants producing seed, and
fruit-trees giving fruit, in which is their seed, after their sort: and it ...
/p/plants.htm - 27k

Manners (6 Occurrences)
... probably from manus, "the hand," mode of handling things, or acting) is in the Bible
in general equivalent (1) to way, custom, habit, etc., (2) to kind or sort...
/m/manners.htm - 17k

Producing (20 Occurrences)
... 1:11 And God said, Let grass come up on the earth, and plants producing seed, and
fruit-trees giving fruit, in which is their seed, after their sort: and it ...
/p/producing.htm - 12k

Bason (3 Occurrences)
... space below; so that when the basin is brought to a second person the water with
which the former has washed is not seen." 4. A Basin of a Unique Sort: (1) A ...
/b/bason.htm - 13k

Plant (92 Occurrences)
... for you make men give a tenth of every sort of plant, and give no thought to right
and the love of God; but it is right for you to do these things, and not let ...
/p/plant.htm - 37k

Move (113 Occurrences)
... God said, Let the earth give birth to all sorts of living things, cattle and all
things moving on the earth, and beasts of the earth after their sort: and it ...
/m/move.htm - 38k

4169. poios -- of what sort?
... << 4168, 4169. poios. 4170 >>. of what sort? Part of Speech ... of what sort.
Word Origin from the same as posos Definition of what sort? ...
/greek/4169.htm - 6k

3697. hopoios -- of what sort
... of what sort. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: hopoios Phonetic Spelling:
(hop-oy'-os) Short Definition: of what kind or manner Definition: of what ...
/greek/3697.htm - 6k

3634. hoios -- what sort or manner of
... what sort or manner of. Part of Speech: Correlative Pronoun, Relative Pronoun
Transliteration: hoios Phonetic Spelling: (hoy'-os) Short Definition: of what kind ...
/greek/3634.htm - 7k

4217. potapos -- from what country?
... roots and Definition from what country? NASB Word Usage how great (1), what kind
(2), what sort (2), what sort of person (1), what wonderful (2). ...
/greek/4217.htm - 6k

3313. meros -- a part, share, portion
... or figuratively, in a wide application) -- behalf, course, coast, craft, particular (+
-ly), part (+ -ly), piece, portion, respect, side, some sort(-what). ...
/greek/3313.htm - 6k

1042. Gabbatha -- stone pavement
... Speech: Proper Noun, Indeclinable Transliteration: Gabbatha Phonetic Spelling:
(gab-bath-ah') Short Definition: Gabbatha Definition: Gabbatha, a sort of paved ...
/greek/1042.htm - 6k

5449. phusis -- nature
... From phuo; growth (by germination or expansion), ie (by implication) natural production
(lineal descent); by extension, a genus or sort; figuratively, native ...
/greek/5449.htm - 7k

516. axios -- worthily
... worthily. Adverb from axios; appropriately -- as becometh, after a godly sort,
worthily(-thy). see GREEK axios. (axios) -- 6 Occurrences. << 515, 516. axios. 517 ...
/greek/516.htm - 6k

5130. touton -- this; he, she, it
... Genitive case plural masculine or neuter of houtos; of (from or concerning) these
(persons or things) -- such, their, these (things), they, this sort, those. ...
/greek/5130.htm - 6k

60. agoraios -- pertaining to the marketplace, an agitator
... the marketplace. From agora; relating to the market-place, ie Forensic (times);
by implication, vulgar -- baser sort, low. see GREEK agora. ...
/greek/60.htm - 6k

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) Chance; lot; destiny.

2. (n.) A kind or species; any number or collection of individual persons or things characterized by the same or like qualities; a class or order; as, a sort of men; a sort of horses; a sort of trees; a sort of poems.

3. (n.) Manner; form of being or acting.

4. (n.) Condition above the vulgar; rank.

5. (n.) A chance group; a company of persons who happen to be together; a troop; also, an assemblage of animals.

6. (n.) A pair; a set; a suit.

7. (n.) Letters, figures, points, marks, spaces, or quadrats, belonging to a case, separately considered.

8. (v. t.) To separate, and place in distinct classes or divisions, as things having different qualities; as, to sort cloths according to their colors; to sort wool or thread according to its fineness.

9. (v. t.) To reduce to order from a confused state.

10. (v. t.) To conjoin; to put together in distribution; to class.

11. (v. t.) To choose from a number; to select; to cull.

12. (v. t.) To conform; to adapt; to accommodate.

13. (v. i.) To join or associate with others, esp. with others of the same kind or species; to agree.

14. (v. i.) To suit; to fit; to be in accord; to harmonize.

Strong's Hebrew
2178. zan -- kind, sort
... << 2177, 2178. zan. 2179 >>. kind, sort. Transliteration: zan Phonetic Spelling:
(zan) Short Definition: kinds. ... kind. (Aramaic) corresponding to zan; sort -- kind ...
/hebrew/2178.htm - 6k

2177. zan -- kind, sort
... << 2176, 2177. zan. 2178 >>. kind, sort. Transliteration: zan Phonetic Spelling:
(zan) Short Definition: kind. Word Origin of uncertain ...
/hebrew/2177.htm - 6k

7230. rob -- multitude, abundance, greatness
... multitude, abundance, greatness NASB Word Usage abundance (29), abundant (6),
abundantly (2), age* (1), all (1), ample (1), common sort* (1), excellent (1 ...
/hebrew/7230.htm - 6k

120. adam -- man, mankind
... Word Origin from an unused word Definition man, mankind NASB Word Usage any man
(2), anyone (4), anyone's (1), being* (1), common sort* (1), human (19 ...
/hebrew/120.htm - 6k

1803. dallah -- hair, thrum
... << 1802b, 1803. dallah. 1803a >>. hair, thrum. Transliteration: dallah Phonetic
Spelling: (dal-law') Short Definition: hair. hair, pining sickness, poorest sort ...
/hebrew/1803.htm - 5k

1524. giyl -- a rejoicing
... giyl. 1524a >>. a rejoicing. Transliteration: giyl Phonetic Spelling: (gheel) Short
Definition: exceedingly. exceedingly, gladness, greatly, joy, rejoicing, sort ...
/hebrew/1524.htm - 5k

428. elleh -- these
... 4), whom (1). another; one sort, so, some, such, them, these same, they,
this,. Prolonged from 'el; these or those -- an- (the) other ...
/hebrew/428.htm - 6k

3660. kenema -- accordingly, as follows
... so, in this manner sort, thus. (Aramaic) corresponding to kmow; so or thus -- so,
(in) this manner (sort), thus. see HEBREW kmow. << 3659, 3660. kenema. 3661 >> ...
/hebrew/3660.htm - 6k

3671. kanaph -- wing, extremity
... of a building) a pinnacle -- + bird, border, corner, end, feather(-ed), X flying, +
(one an-)other, overspreading, X quarters, skirt, X sort, uttermost part ...
/hebrew/3671.htm - 6k

3972. meumah -- anything
... Word Origin from the same as mum Definition anything NASB Word Usage any sort (1),
anything (13), anything* (1), fault (1), nothing* (11), something (1), thing ...
/hebrew/3972.htm - 6k



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30 (5 Occurrences)

1000 (7 Occurrences)

410 (1 Occurrence)

Vehement (10 Occurrences)

Virgin (62 Occurrences)

Virtue (21 Occurrences)

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