8643. teruah
Lexical Summary
teruah: a shout or blast of war, alarm, or joy
Original Word: תְּרוּעָה
Transliteration: teruah
Phonetic Spelling: (ter-oo-aw')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: a shout or blast of war, alarm, or joy
Meaning: clamor, acclamation of joy, a battle-cry, clangor, of trumpets, as an alarum
Strong's Concordance
alarm, blowing of, the trumpets, joy, jubilee, loud noise, rejoicing, shouting,

From ruwa'; clamor, i.e. Acclamation of joy or a battle-cry; especially clangor of trumpets, as an alarum -- alarm, blow(- ing) (of, the) (trumpets), joy, jubile, loud noise, rejoicing, shout(-ing), (high, joyful) sound(-ing).

see HEBREW ruwa'


H8643. teruah

תְּרוּעָהnoun feminine shout or blast of war, alarm, or joy; — ׳תLeviticus 23:24 +; construct תְּרוּעַתJeremiah 4:19 +; —

1 alarm of war, war-cry, Joshua 6:5, 20; Jeremiah 20:16; Ezekiel 21:27; Amos 1:14; 2:2; Zephaniah 1:16; Job 39:25; ׳ת מִלְחָמָהJeremiah 4:19; 49:2; ׳ת מֶלָךְbattle-cry of king Numbers 23:21 (poem in J E).

2 blast for march: ת ׳תקעNumbers 10:5-6, (twice in verse) (P; with חֲצֹצְרוֺת‎; hence) הַתּ ׳חֲצֹצְרוֺת31:6 (P) 2 Chronicles 13:12; on day of atonement ת ׳שׁוֺפַרLeviticus 25:9 (H); 1st of month ת ׳זִכְרוֺן23:24 (P; לַחֹדֶשׁ בְּאֶחָד הַשְּׁבִיעִי בַּחֹדֶשׁ‎), תֹ יוֺםNumbers 29:1 (P); Generally ת ׳צִלְצְלֵיPsalm 150:5.

3 shout of joy with religious impulse, 1 Samuel 4:5-6, (twice in verse); 2 Samuel 6:15 = 1 Chronicles 15:28; 2 Chronicles 15:14; Ezra 3:11-12, 13; ת ׳קוֺל הַשִּׂמְחָה3:13; in public worship Generally Job 33:26; especially + musical service Psalm 33:3; 47:6; ת ׳זִבְחֵי27:6, ת ׳יֹדְעֵי89:16.

4 shout of joy, in General Job 8:21 ("" שְׂחַוֺק‎).

רוף‎ (√ of following; = רפא‎).


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